I am so proud of you guys!! I just couldn't help myself to another serving of the chicken pot pie when I got home and it is SO AWESOME! I can't wait for Larry to try it--actually, he just walked in and is helping himself to it as I type this! "Mmmm, this is delish" are his exact words.
OK, finally had the opportunity to eat the Beef Enchilada Casserole!  WOW!!!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, Jon raved about it (I already knew it would be fabulous)!  In fact he couldn’t stop talking about it.  Wanted to know when we were going to have some more! 
Hi Girls ---Just had the chicken pie and it was delicious! We especially loved the crust. It was yummy comfort food.  I would order it again.

Just a note to tell you that we have eaten the two dinners we ordered and they were AMAZING.  The grits were outstanding.  My husband is a chicken parm freak - he orders it every chance he gets - and he loved yours.  The heating instructions could not be eaiser and how wonderful it was for the past two nights to have a fresh, yummy, EASY meal at home.  Thanks so much.  We'll be back.
Hey, gals...We went ahead and had the Seafood Creole tonight and LOVE IT!   Glenn really likes it, which is a true compliment from a Cajun who grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi:o)  I'm happy for you two and glad that your hard work is paying off!

The Kanini's Grits are a culinary sensation.  The blending of the different flavors is fantastic.  They're so good we're serving them for Christmas dinner!